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This is about how I love my faith and family, how God has put me on a path of physical healing for allergies, eczema, GI issues and other, and how all that began, but if you are here and you are from another faith tradition or maybe you are not a religious person, welcome!  If you’re here and you are in perfect health and have no need of advice on how to heal your gut or live a clean and natural lifestyle because you are already doing it, or that is not of interest to you,  I am so humbled and grateful you are here.  I hope that you can still gain something from reading my blogs. And following along. I genuinely believe in respecting all people and know that I have something to learn from everyone.  Sooooo......

Growing up...

I am a southern girl, raised catholic by my catholic mother, who taught me to love Jesus in the Eucharist and Our Lady (Mary). She prayed the rosary with me and often took me for "visits" to Jesus in the tabernacle. She taught me to have a prayer life and a relationship with God. My father was raised Presbyterian (although just this past Easter 2018, came into the Catholic Church) so I was exposed to many protestant groups and encountered humble, christian people who molded my faith journey and gave me a deep love for scripture and beautiful worship.

Meeting my husband....

I met my husband at a Baptist university where I was attending music school for a vocal performance major. He was studying to become a Baptist minister. Though I was not fully prepared to defend my catholic faith well, he was intrigued enough to study it further. He consumed every book he could get his hands on about the Catholic Faith. He finally came into the Church right before he proposed to me at Easter Vigil of 1997. (Please look here if you are interested in reading his conversion story). After getting engaged we decided to transfer together to my dream school, Franciscan University of Steubenville. There he got a masters in Theology/Catechetics and I, a B.A. in the same degree.

Why the Blog Title...

My husband is passionate about the Truth, in all areas of his life, it is what drew him to the Church. I desire to see and display beauty and goodness in my own life, our family life, and in the world around me. Sometimes it is more like a beautiful mess, but still. That is why it is "in the works". God is making something of me, my life, my children, my marriage that is way more than I can comprehend. In His time and His grace. He is Truth, Beauty, and Goodness personified, so I am trying to trust Him to paint the final masterpiece. 

The paths God has taken me on thus far: Homeschooling vs. Public Schooling and a Health Recovery Journey

The past 15 yrs. of my life have led me down some different paths. When I was a younger mom, and my oldest, now 18, was 4, I was introduced to the life of homeschooling and an amazing community of catholic homeschooling families that shaped our family life for the better. I homeschooled for 13 years, which is why you will find many blogs about it. Due to various learning challenges and health issues both for my children and myself, I began placing my children in school from the oldest, gradually down to the younger ones.  I wrote about this decision here. I have had some on and off health issues and have had to focus a lot of my time on healing (you can read more about that here.) However, since putting them in school, I have been amazed at how God has taken care of them. As it turns out, He really is in control ;). Related to my health and family's health, I spend a ton of time in the kitchen and hope to share tips I have learned about keeping your family healthy naturally and some allergy friendly recipes.

The paths God has taken me on: Religious Formation

I am involved in a formation program called Disciples of Jesus and Mary, written by our beloved, deceased Fr. Santan Pinto for all laity and religious. It is the spiritual formation of a disciple, meant to mold them in scripture, the writings of the saints, and the Church to serve in their parishes and be a light to the world. It teaches people to look at their own unique calling and gifts and pushes them on to live it out to the fullest, for the glory of God and salvation of souls. The principles of this formation have formed my entire outlook on life. I am so grateful for it, as it has given me so much spiritual freedom.

There is a lot of ugliness, deceit, and evil in the world, but sometimes if you allow God to change your perspective you can see all the hidden treasures he has placed in people, in his Church, and in life experiences. I hope that my blog is the story of some of these hidden treasures. May God bless you!

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