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Homeschooling with Sensory Processing Disorder

Homeschooling with The Little Guy

Dyslexia: Another Curveball in Homeschooling

Things That Go On When I'm Not Around

Freddy the Frog Becomes Fredericka

Homeschooling Is For Big Kids (Like Me)

Living With Smarty Pants

A Boy Changes the Whole Experience

Little Sacrifices

My Kids Are Smarter Than Me (Shhhh)

I Love It When a Plan Comes Together...

Reading With The Little Guy

At Zee Cafe

Just an Average Day

We're All in the Same Boat (Family Sickness)

Preschool With Sister Princess

Fall Baking

Handwriting Without Tears Jam

Catholic Family Life: The Fun, Funny, and Crazy

The School Nightmare

The Quotable Little Guy

Short Clips of the Little Guy

A Morning With the Little Guy

Robot Rampage


What We've Been Doing This Summer

Sometimes It's Impossible to Be Serious Around Here!

What Makes Us Crazy

When the 3 and 5 Yr. Old Have Crayons...

Angel Boy's Birthday Bash

A Trip to the Store

Another Trip to the Store

Beach Blog

Don't Think God is Listening? Try Him

The Resident Artiste

Corporal Works of Mercy in Your Home

Funny Quotes

A Trip to the Mountains

Birthday Cards to Me

Mousy in the Housy

Warning Labels, Beware the 4 yr. old

Angel Boy's Jobs

A Night Out With Dee Dee

Snow Day

Reggae Power

The Loch Ness Monster and the Mysterious

Catholic Family Life: The Spiritual Moments

Deo Gratias

Love Wins

Finding Beauty in Life's Crosses

All I Want Is You

Hound of Heaven

Mommy's Breakfast, Free for the Taking

Ode to My Mom

Dragon Warriors

When God's Plans Look Different From Yours

Holy Days, Holidays, Feast Days and the like...

Belated Valentine's Party er Weekend

Consumed in a Fire (Feast of the Sacred Heart)

Divine Mercy Sunday

"Mommy Why?" Holy Thursday

"Mommy Why?" Part Deux, Good Friday

Happy Easter

Easter Monday Glow-in-the-Dark Party

Feast of the Immaculate Conception, Snow Day!

Being Countercultural is Cool (Advent)

Christmas Preparations for the Soul (Advent)

It's That Time of Year....(Advent)


Cows, and Superheroes, and Saints, Oh My!

Transforming Pagan Traditions

Crazy Conversations

A Moment of Grace, Palm Sunday

Christmas Craftiness

Christmas, The Orderly Disorder

Christmas Night, A Special Gift

The North American Martyrs

What I gots to say about that....

Why Movies Like "50 Shades of Grey" Break My Heart

Life Lessons Through Lord of the Rings

An Unexpected Lesson...From Star Trek

We're On The Same Team! What This Catholic Would Say to a Protestant

Blogs about the 7 Sacraments

Confessions about Confession

What I Wish I Knew When I Was Newlywed

Snorkel Porkchops

I Love Cranky Old Priests!

True Beauty

Saying Goodbye to Fr. Pinto

Favorite Quotes/Conversations with Fr. Pinto

First Communion Day

7 Quicktakes Friday (7 short random facts about us pertaining to that week)

7 Quicktakes, Halloween Party, Grossology and The Queen

7 Quicktakes, a Homeschool Day Play by Play

7 Quicktakes, Hilarious and Grace-filled Moments

7 Quicktakes, Barbie Clotheslines, Disastrous Gluten Free Play Dough, Rain boots and Such

7 Quicktakes, Rock Star Party

7 Quicktakes, Major Sweepage and babies on Washing Machines

7 Quicktakes, Cleaning the House

7 Quicktakes, Broken Dryer, Flip flops, and Our Lady of Joy

7 Quicktakes, The Chopper, Growing Plants for Dummies, and Useless Charts

7 Quicktakes, Cleaning, Making Tightropes to Occupy Little Boys, and Cool Blenders

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10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me

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