Recipes and Menu Planning

We are always on a special diet. My children are currently gluten, cow dairy (we use goat and sheep products without a problem) and artificial and preservative free. We have also been sugar free in the past (my husband and I still try to be) and followed the GAPS Diet to try to heal the gut. We did GAPS religiously for 2 years, then added back gluten free grains and potatoes but still trying to follow the essentials. For reasons see the "my special needs kids" page. In addition to these restrictions my children have also had individual food allergies I have had to work around, but I am happy to say that following GAPS has rid us of a lot of those! I have learned however that yummy food on a restrictive diet is possible with a little creativity. Much of my time is spent trying new recipes, or cooking stuff from scratch, so I figure, might as well share with you all! :)


My Current Favorite Brownie Recipes

Flourless Brownies (with spinach shh!)
(this is a variation on the recipe above it)

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